Thursday, February 14, 2008

Homenaje a Frida Kahlo Galeria de la Raza

Galeria de la Raza located in San Francisco's Mission District presented the exhibition Homenaje a Frida Kahlo in November 2, 1978 - January 12, 1979. Images from the exhibition including a mural by Michael V Rios exhibition poster by artist Rupert Garcia both featuring Kahlo can be viewed online. Galeria de la Raza is under the Executive Direction of Carolina Ponce de Leon who is one of the most inspirational women I met in my post as Director of Arts & Business Partnerships at Business Arts Council in San Francisco.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Frida's Astrological Chart

The things you find on the web. Here is Frida's astrological chart from the webiste Lois Rodden's AstroDataBank. The website also has an interesting take on Frida's bio. If you know how to read these charts perhaps you can make heads or tails of her stay in San Francisco.
Here's how Rodden plotted the chart:

Birth Date:
07/06/1907 (July 6, 1907)
Birth Time:
08:30 (8:30 AM) (+6:36:40)
Birth Place:
Coyoacan, Mexico
Latitude / Longitude:
19 N 20 / 99 W 10
Rodden Rating / Source:
AA / Quoted BC/BR
Source Notes:
LMR quotes Hayden Herrera in his biography "Frida," where he pictures her B.C.

Interpretive Reports
Check these chart interpretations:
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